• Tonino Belmonte, Partner at GCRCF (Australia)
    36 years global experience in venture capital, private equity and capital markets across multiple sectors: energy, financial services, infrastructure, life sciences, media, oil & gas, telecommunications, technology, renewables, resources and utilities. Held executive roles at PwC, ExxonMobil, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Lehman Brothers, Matrix Group Ltd, Carlyle, Carthona, GCRCF and BMT. Have advised some of the globe’s leading Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Fund’s and Family Offices and closed over 100 material ( > $100m) M&A transactions across the planet for many of them. To do this I have been based in eights countries and visited 128 thus far… Currently I am, or have been, a Director, Non Executive Director, Advisory Board Member or a Board Advisor to many of the public and private companies that I and or my firms have invested in or supported. Have investment experience across all value stages of the venture life cycle, including special situations (on and off-market) with more than 60 startups achieving material liquidity events over the last 25 years. Visit Angel List for more specific detail.
    While the healthcare industry has been embracing rapid developments, let’s look into the most promising trends and technologies to invest in 2022. The healthcare sector experienced transition as a result of COVID-19, and this shift will last… Читать далее: HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY TRENDS IN 2022
  • Anthony Jarrin
    PRESIDENT & CEO AT THE CANNAREGIO GROUP (US) My name is Tony Jarrin, and I am the head of the Canaregio Group (US). We are a Real Estate holding in the hotel and hospitality sector, we’ve been… Читать далее: Anthony Jarrin
  • Craig Astill
    Managing Director & CEO at Caason Group (Australia) I’m Craig Astill, I’m the CEO of Caason Group, an Australia based single family office in Melbourne. Our interests are primarily in the agro and agrotech space, as well… Читать далее: Craig Astill
  • Jon Bennion-Pedley
    CEO at Investment Owl (Uganda) I’ve met lots and lots of very interesting people through the Global Investment Leaders Club. I often say that I hate networking with a passion, nevertheless, I am very happy I joined… Читать далее: Jon Bennion-Pedley
  • Barry Palte
    Chairman at EQ Capital Partners (Australia) I am a head of a family office as well as a technology investor with a focus on social impact. Food, agro-tech and water is one of the key areas of… Читать далее: Barry Palte
  • Amer Fasihi
    Co-founder at Kraydel (UK) “You need to put yourself out there and talk to investors. My meetings [with investors] were very well managed. It was a very informal setting, and they were able to ask questions. I… Читать далее: Amer Fasihi
  • Anirudh Tripathy
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