Amer Fasihi

Co-founder at Kraydel (UK)

“You need to put yourself out there and talk to investors. My meetings [with investors] were very well managed. It was a very informal setting, and they were able to ask questions.  I was given 5 minutes to present my company, and then very structured questions from investors were facilitated. I’ve got 15-20 people very focused on one thing [my project]. They were able to get my answer to them, it built a really complete picture in a very short period of time. And then I could specifically ask them for a suggestion on how I can be a success! That's very important, because investors started thinking how can they help me, what can they do? Getting the investment is brilliant, but actually investors can make business happen not just through allocating capital, but also by enabling connections and advice. People invest in people, people don’t invest in slide decks!”